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New Flight Safety Tips Video from Virgin America

Just saw this new catchy flight safety tips of Virgin America and it is not only for your safety but surely it will catch your attention from the danceable steps of the crew/dancers. Cebu Pacific if not the first, then one of the early airline companies who uses dancing to catch the passengers attention when […]

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Rainy season travel tips

Here comes the rain again…falling in my head like a memory…falling in my head like a new emotion… Well, The Eurythmics were right, new emotion and most of it are the enraged emotion of the trapped passengers for a cancelled flight.

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Guide tips in travelling alone

Nowadays, most travelers are the younger generations and most of them wants to travel alone for an adventure of a lifetime. It is not only your adventure that you need to think of but your safety travelling alone.


Video Demo : Air Sickness Tips

Here is a video demo on how you can manage air sickness during long or even short flights. Air sickness is but normal to travellers and most specially to new travellers. And as what we previously discussed, air sickness is not a disease. USA.Today released this info video with Rolf Potts, a travel author, to […]

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Traveling Tips for Disabled Passengers

Nowadays, even passengers with disability love to travel and who are we to tell them not to? These are the people that amazes other for their disabilities will never be a hindrance for them to travel. Traveling is and enjoyable past time, and anyone is allowed to travel. Even pets love to travel.

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