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Choice of Beach Hotels in Thailand

Thailand is one of the best vacation spot in Asia for the past decades and tourists have been flocking to the Land of Smiles and most of the tourists have a vacation of a lifetime.

And one of Thailand’s pride is the hospitality in every hotels your will check in. Thailand hotels are not into amenities in luring tourists to try their place. With the many places you can go in Thailand, surely, you will just stay in your hotel rooms just to rest.

And you can find the best hotels in Thailand along it’s coastlines.

Let this guide be of help in choosing your hotel to stay near the scenic beaches of Thailand.


Koh Tao is fast emerging as one of Thailand’s tourist’s destination. The place is famous for its diving spot. 

With it’s superb snorkeling, a nice spots to lounge on, the friendly owner and good service crew, the almost private white sand beach, Sai Thong Resort is one hotel that is worth your money.

RELAX BAY, Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is a and island with mangroves and breathtaking landscape, famed for its diving sites and beaches along the coast of Andaman Sea.

Relax Bay is a home resort with secluded and wooden beachside bungalows that, this is the kind of place with the scenic sea, the friendly service, and the best authentic Thai food you can savor, that you want to stay for a longer time.


You can not find your basic hotel needs in this place.

Staying in host families, is a chance for tourists to experience the way of life of the islanders whose main source of income is by fishing.

Your host family will give you not only day trips to the remote islands and secret beaches along Phang Nga Bay, but, they will give you an everyday treat of sumptuous feast of food and drinks, and the festivities will only end if your stay ends.


The island of Samet is known for its weekend beach party in all of its hotel. Lots of loud music, food and drinks everywhere in the island.

After a night long partying, Nimmanoradee Resort is the perfect getaway with all the sea views and the sandy beach is just a step away from the homey huts that the resort offers you. Big decks and bathtubs for a relaxing day after the night party.

The Mangrove, Koh Chang

The national marine park Koh Chang is a 50 or more islands and islets that has some of Thailand’s exquisite beaches.

And in the Bailan Bay, with its blue clean waters and breathtaking view of the place, Mangrove Bungalow operates. The resort has plenty of hammocks and hang out terraces for your sight seeing or just a perfect place for a much deserving vacation.


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