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Tips in Packing Your Things

Traveling becomes the favorite past time of many. Traveling locally or internationally, travelers are always ready to pay the air or land fare, pack their things and ready to trek and go.

But some travelers still don’t know how to pack their things or prioritize all necessary needs in traveling.

Here are some tips you can get in traveling light.

  1. Pick a handy bag that you are comfortable with and see if you expect that all you need will be fit in it. You can choose a backpack or shoulder bag that will depend on you things. Many travelers choose backpack because you can but many of your things and with lots of pockets to put something in it and it is easier to wear it on your shoulders and very comfortable to your back.
  2.  Always check the weather of your destination to know what clothes to bring.
  3.  Bring clothes that will only be appropriate to your needs. If you will attend a cocktail or formal party, the best clothes to bring is a simple black dress for women and nice polo shirt and trouser for men. In your everyday trip, a skirt or ordinary pants can be matched with simple shirt shirt or a tank top. 
  4. The most important clothing that you should bring enough with is underwear. You must bring enough that you can do your laundry and still have extras up to 5 days. This goes for your socks too because you need to change it everyday if you are using shoes like sneakers or leather shoes.
  5. Bring at least two pair of shoes that is comfortable to wear. Rubber shoes and sandals will do. But if you have plans to go on a formal dinner or party, be sure to bring a formal shoe that is light weight. 
  6. In packing your clothes, you can put inside items than can save some space if you will add something. Roll your clothes to prevent it from wrinkling.
  7. With your toiletries, you can pack the dry ones in your bag and the liquids in another bag. Reminder : if you will take and airplane, be sure that your liquid toiletries my only fit into a quart and no bottles of more than 3 ozs.
  8. Always plan your travel and always have a copy of your flight plans in one pouch. If flying, always have photocopies of your itineraries and your passports.  
  9. Put all your necessary things on top of your bag that you can easily open and bring it out like toothbrush, medicines, brush, snacks, pen, notes. Do not bring all your valuable things in this bag like camera, camcorders, etc.
  10. Keep all your ID, Money, credit cards in a separate security pouch. Just keep enough money for you to spend.


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