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Travel Tips

Traveling Tips for Disabled Passengers

Nowadays, even passengers with disability love to travel and who are we to tell them not to? These are the people that amazes other for their disabilities will never be a hindrance for them to travel. Traveling is and enjoyable past time, and anyone is allowed to travel. Even pets love to travel.

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Video Demo : Traveling with your pets

For all animal lovers who can not leave their pets at home and wants to take them along anywhere they go, including traveling by plane. Here is a simple video demo on how to properly take care of your animals while traveling.

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Video Demo : How to Pack your Carry-On Bags

You may think that if you have put all your clothes in the suitcase, you’re done with your luggage and ready to go. But actually, you are making your travel uneasy if you just put all your stuff inside your luggage. You are missing the simplest rule in packing … pack right and fly light […]

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Important things to bring during your travel

In traveling by air, land or water, you need to bring essential things to make your traveling not only enjoyable but safe. Traveling is one of life’s pecks that brings simple joy and relaxation to every busy man who is looking for something to release the stress.


Is Air Sickness a disease?

Air Sickness is not a disease. Normal people can also feel this or in a more layman’s term motion sickness. It usually causes disorientation, nausea and vomiting. It does not attack a passenger that quick. Signs and symptoms show before feeling this. Nausea, vomiting, vertigo, cold sweating, drowsiness, headache are some of its symptoms.

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